COVID-19: A Communication from BioAnalytix


March 16, 2020

BioAnalytix Customers and Partners:

Amid the widespread concern and response to COVID-19, we would like to share with you BioAnalytix’s actions and practices and reassure you that from the outset BioAnalytix has been organized and remains focused on best protecting our teams, while ensuring continuity in our operations and the execution of analytic programs with our customers and partners.

BioAnalytix’s COVID-19 Measures
  • We have had robust and redundant business and lab operating systems in place for many years to enable continuity in our analytics, data analysis, security and communications with our customers and partners.
  • With the evolving COVID-19 situation, we have taken further proactive measures to isolate and protect our office and lab-essential operations and have set what we see as best practices and policies for our team in taking all necessary actions to ensure everyone’s own health and well-being both inside and outside our physical office space.
  • Particularly due to our size, location and secure lab profile, we are able to closely control any people coming in or out of our Company, and we have proactively implemented processes in separating and protecting our analytic operations here, while shifting for now to teleconference and virtual meetings with any of our customers and partners.
  • We continue monitoring best HR practices in our pharma community as well as the recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local and federal authorities, and will continue to monitor, evaluate and respond to safely manage through this situation.

Please be assured that while we remain focused on the health and safety of our team and those in the community around us, we are equally attentive to continuity of the analytics with our pharma partners in our continuing biologic development programs together.

We recognize the uncertainty this global health issue is creating and are committed to keeping you informed as this situation evolves.

Very best regards,



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