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BioAnalytix works with leading biotherapeutic companies in the development and application of advanced analytics and data analysis of complex biologics, from candidate selection through regulatory package development and BLA.

Our team of PhDs provide expert characterization and analytical data packages for specific project needs through all stages of biotherapeutic drug development, and we further provide our understanding of CMC and regulatory requirements to support product development from IND through BLA submission and review.

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Protagen Protein Services GmbH (PPS) is a leading global analytic CRO and a recognized expert for analytical services in protein science. With more than 20 years of market experience, their comprehensive spectrum of analytical methods ensures the highest quality for customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech and life science industry. PPS partners with customers in developing innovative biologics by providing full service analytical support, complete documentation and outstanding project management from clone to clinic. PPS supports biosimilar developers with a broad range of analytical methods and consulting in achieving and demonstrating biosimilarity.

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