Accelerating the Development of Biologic Therapeutics through Advanced Analytics

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BioAnalytix is developing and applying advanced analytic methods and data to enable, improve and accelerate biologic therapeutics from development through market

What We Do

BioAnalytix is a pharmaceutically oriented spin-out from the Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis at Northeastern University. Founded in 2012 by thought leaders in biologic drug development, regulatory strategy, and advanced analytics, BioAnalytix works with leading pharmaceutical companies to develop and apply advanced analytic technologies, methods and data in enabling, improving and accelerating biologic therapeutics from development through market.

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Latest News

Advances in Biologic Development: Science Letter 1.0

In Vivo CQA Mapping – (January 11, 2018) – Opportunities in De-risking and Advancing Biologic Drug Development. PDF Download

BioAnalytix Announces Poster Presentations of Advanced HDX-MS, LC-MS HCP Analysis and Top-Down Disulfide Mapping Approaches in Biopharmaceutical Development

Washington, DC – (January 24-26, 2017) – BioAnalytix and leading pharmaceutical companies present advanced approaches and findings at Well Characterized Biologic Pharmaceuticals Meeting.